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Jeep trail adventures, vehicle expeditions, and ohv trips off roading
Adventuring in Patagonia Arizona at mision de san miguel Las Cienegas Expedition
Adventuring by Expedition driving in Monument Valley Arizona Monument Valley, Goosenecks, Valley of Gods Adventure
Coalson Ranch Jeep TRail Rescue Rescue at Coalson Ranch
Oak Creek Homestead and Jerome Arizona Eluding Kokopellis at Oak Creek Homestead
Crown King Back road Crown King back road
Tip top Mine Arizona Ghost Town Ruins Tip Top Ghost Town
Sibley Mansion, Arizona, Copper Creek Sibley Mansion Copper Creek
Jeep and Xterra adventure near Devils Canyon Arizona Rawhide Canyon and Devils Canyon
Sunflower Mine Jeep Trail Arizona Sunflower Mine Jeep Trail
Trail 42 Jeep TRail, Telegraph Trail Trail 42 at Bartlett Lake
Reno Pass Jeep Trail Arizona Reno Pass to Punkin Center, Arizona
el Camino Del Diablo Arizona El Camino del Diablo
Coke Ovens and Box Canyon Jeep trails arizona Box Canyon & Coke Ovens near Florence, Arizona
Hackberry Creek, Rio Rancho Creek, Devils Canyon The Road to Lower Devils Canyon - off Magma Mine Road
Saguaro Lake Coves Jeep OHV trail fun The Coves at Saguaro Lake
Jeep trails of sedona arizona, Greasy Spoon and Broken Arrow Broken Arrow and Greasy Spoon: Sedona trails
Arizona Expedition, Jeep 2-day Expedition in Central Arizona, Forest Road 1
Point Sublime Jeep Trail Grand Canyon Travelling the Road to Point Sublime - North rim of the Grand Canyon
Backpacking, hiking, and canyoneering adventures
Aravaipa Wilderness Backpacking Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness
Backpacking in the wild wetness
J-Tree and California Desert Camping Joshua Tree Desert Adventure
Laughing in the Desert
Seven Springs to Spur Cross Hiking trail Seven Springs to Spur Cross along Cave Creek
Hiking in Sonoran perennial peacefulness
Biking South Rim Grand Canyon Arizona Biking the South Rim - Grand Canyon
Making a late-day ride along the road to Hermit's Rest at the Grand Canyon
Beaver Falls and Havasupai hiking backpacking Havasupai and Beaver Falls, Grand Canyon
Many waterfall photos and pictures
Coffee Flat Superstition Mountains hiking Coffee Flat Superstition Mountains
Running Water in the Sonoran Desert
James Canyon Canyoneering trip sponsored by Keen shoes Canyoneering James Canyon
Cold water, long rappels, 8 hours of hiking. All sponsored by Keen Footwear.
Arizona attractions and adventures
Promised Land Rock Climbing Chino Valley Arizona Travelling the Road to Point Sublime - North rim of the Grand Canyon
Amazing and remote area of The Grand Canyon
Verde Canyon Railroad Arizona Verde Canyon Railroad
Defiling myself on a wild west train ride...
but not really
canyon de chelly arizona Canyon de Chelly
Sandstone wonders in Navajo Nation
Sonoran desert celebration Sonoran Desert Celebration
Pictures of cactus, rocks and the sonoran desert
Hang Gliding Mingus Mountain 30th Anniversary Mingus Mountain Hang Glide
Celebrating 30 years of puristic flight by jumping off of a perfectly good cliff on Arizona's magical Mingus Mountain
El Camino del Diablo trail southern arizona El Camino del Diablo
Desert wildflowers in bloom in Southern Arizona
Biking South Rim Grand Canyon Arizona Biking the South Rim - Grand Canyon
Making a late-day ride along the road to Hermit's Rest at the Grand Canyon
International adventures, Mexico, Peru, Central America
Puerto Lobos, Mexico Puerto Lobos, Sonora, Mexico
Adventuring along the coast of the Sea of Cortez, Mexico.
Saved and fed by a Mexican family
Hiking Salkantay TRail Peru Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru
AHHH! Salkantay....
Canyon de Chelly celebration El Desemboque Mexico
Camping on the beach and visiting Kino Missions of Sonora.
Inca Trail trekking Relax, You're On The Inca Trail, My Friends
doing the Inca Trail with the rest of 'em...
Dancing in Machu Picchu Wonder-wandering in Machu Picchu
After a 7-day trek in Peru, why not go wander around Machu Picchu?
Trekking through Tipon Peru Trekking through Tipon Peru...and Eating Guinea Pig
Having a scrumptious meal at the expense of your favorite domesticated rodent
Discovering Cusco Peru Wild Cusco, Peru Nights
Plaza de Armas lit by festivals, parades, and lights
Trekking through inca ruins near Cusco Peru Sacsayhuaman and other Inca Ruins of Cusco Peru
Tunnels, sacred stone buildings, and much more
Peruvian Futbol game Fierce Peruvian Soccer Game (futbol)
"Marquito! Quieres a jugar?" Yeah, right. Not in this game, but gracias.
Mike's Wild Kingdom Goes tp Peru Mike Barre's Wild Kingdom in Peru
Meet pigs, llamas, alpacas and more...maybe eat a guinea pig! It all happens right here on Mike's Wild Kingdom
sawmills and exotic woods of the Yucatan Peninsula of Saw Mills of Mexico
Checking out exotic woods on the Yucatan Peninsula (Okay, this was for "the real job"....or the one that pays, anyway. That doesn't make it real, though.)
sawmills and exotic woods of the Yucatan Peninsula of Yucatan Ruins at Chichen Itza, Mexico
The fringe benefit of working in the exotic wood business: travel opportunities. This covers some bizarre stuff at Isla Mujeres and Chichen Itza

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