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Biking the Grand Canyon
South Rim to Hermit's Rest at Dusk

We made a few things happen with this trip:

  1. used the Eezi-Awn roof tent for the first time
  2. Biked
  3. Saw the Grand Canyon
  4. Got some fun photos at dusk

The National Parks are nuts and loaded with people, but I still want to see them (the parks...) Years ago, while passing through Zion, it occurred to me that visiting the Parks on bike will be the best way to do it. Such as with Zion, the main canyon road is closed to motorized traffic except for the shuttle busses - during summer. So if you want to see the best part, you have to either walk the road, ride the shuttle, or hop on a bike.

We've done this biking thing at Canyon de Chelly, too. It works. We rode to the Spider Rock overlook and back to Chinle in just a few hours, and got some excellent exercise doing so.

We received the Eezi-Awn roof tent for our Nissan Frontier (see my review here) and wanted to test it out. Instead of making little car camping trip, we got phyched to go to the Grand Canyon and bring the bikes. Brooke and I set up camp in the park, then set out to the village where we decided to keep going. The road to Hermit's rest is shut off to public traffic, too. Shuttle bus only. This make the ride a lot of fun and very easy.

On the way back as we got close to the village, it was just about dark. We rode the little paved path on the edge of the canyon since that was a nice view and pretty interesting. Then, a man wearing a sweatshirt that read, "MINNESOTA" asked me, "Is there a good view up here?"

"Yeah, somehere around here there's a nice view of a canyon" I told him. I thought he was making a joke.

"Great, how far up is it?" He asked.

"You're looking right at it." I biked on.

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Mark D. Stephens: Adventurer, Writer, Photgrapher and Ambassador of the Sonoran Desert