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Squeezing It All In:
Greasy Spoon and Broken Arrow Jeep trails in Sedona, Arizona

Greasy Spoon trail sedona arizonaSqueeze it all in: the motto for driving trails near Sedona. How often do I get up there? Not very. Thanks to it being a tourist trap, my sensibilities as an eclectic fool remind me that I'm supposed to despise the popular things. So when I do go to Sedona, I want to do everything I can while I'm there.

Sort of like a kid snorting down a cake while Mom is on the phone. While my sensibilites are taking a backseat to someone's invitation to go do some trails in Sedona, I'm going to cram it all down.

There is, in fact, something satisfying about it. Yet, one pass through downtown Sedona awakens the Sensibilites and knocks on my skull for a little bit: I thought we despised this place?


Jeep on Broken Arrow Trail, Sedona ArizonaOn this particular day, I led Russ, Ivan and Justin down Greasy Spoon - what a funky trail. You know, I was told that Greasy Spoon trail is tough and exciting, but about halfway through it Russ was crackled in on the CB asking, "So, uh, Mark. Where'd you say the good stuff was?"

"I don't know. It's my first time doing this one, bro" is all I could come up with. A moment after I put down the CB mic, a tall rock ledge on a steep downhill slope greeted me with a smile. As if it had a CB of it's own and overheard us.

I restated my position, "Found it!"

Yes, all of a sudden on a steep steep decline you get this interesting boulder thing to gently crawl down. And maybe it's not as good as I think it is. But after several miles on a graded road, you'll take anything right? Speaking of right, the ledge was nastier on the right side, so - like a good friend - I picked up the CB mic and reported back, "Russ, you're going to want to stay on the far right side."

"Are you sure?"Jeep rubicon off roading in Sedona Arizona

"Yep. It's not too bad." You see, I was throwing his ass under the bus.

One of the other fellas got out to inspect. "You're going to send Russ down that?" he asked. Don't you just love it? That's what makes this driving-on-dirt-roads thing so fun. Old friends.

This day on Greasy Spoon and Broken Arrow wasn't over after we aired up. Oh no. Ivan, Toby, and I had to motor back to Phoenix to participate in a surprise party for our friends, Stan and Linda. They''ve been married for 30 big years. So you could say that we washed these trails down with 4 margaritas, 3 Coronas, a glass of wine.

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Mark D. Stephens: Adventurer, Writer, Photgrapher and Ambassador of the Sonoran Desert