Mark D Stephens: Adventurer, writer, photographer, ambassador of the sonoran desert
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Mark D. StephensTo date, you can see my work in these publications:
Nissan Sport
Overland Journal
Arizona Outdoorsman
Going South: Stories from our lives

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Yes, Seriously. Nissan Sport Magazine publishes "Off The Map In Mexico"
Nissan Sport Magazine

Right, a traditionally "street" vehicle magazine published my article about our mega Mexico adventure expedition thingy from a couple of years ago. You know, the one where we got lost. Oh, that's not specific enough? >>>

Overland Journal Spring 2009 Issue
Overland Journal Magazine

My article "Home on the Road" came out in the Spring issue of Overland Journal. About our back road tour between Arizona and Wyoming with Chloe, who was 11 months old at the time. I hope you enjoy it. Check it out today >>>

Adventure Parents Website is Taking Over
Adventure Parents website

You're going to like this website much more than ol' >>>

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Mark D. Stephens: Adventurer, Writer, Photgrapher and Ambassador of the Sonoran Desert