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Jeep Related:
AZ State Parks OHV sites
Nice collection for anyone visiting Arizona looking for some trails to do. Otherwise, crack open the map and head to the National Forests.
Not only does he have a sweet TJ, but Eddie also provides the inquisitive Jeep-owning public with installation and reveiw help on everything he's bolted onto it. Watch him closely: he's got a new 2007 JK Wrangler now, too. Hell of a nice guy.
Never met him, but Rich is a nice guy who says he likes my website. He can't be too bad, then, huh? He, too, has a nice website that chronicles his adventures with his family and Jeep.

Expedition Related:
Tim and Henry have traveled from Canada through Central America and beyond. Notice that Henry drives a 1974 Series III Land Rover he calls Eore. Beautiful machine.
Graham and Connie have traversedthe wild continent of Africa in their Defender 110. Enough said.
Travelling, shooting photos, and blogging.
The one and the only . . . bajataco. Kindred spirit, ultimate adventurer, nice guy, and tequila drinker. Mi amigo, viva baja.
Bella Adventures
Ever try going round the world in 24 days? Robb and Cat did it, so check it out.
Chuck's list of things to never leave home without has three items: camera, beer, snake tongs.
I'm a contributing editor for the 2007 project vehicle, the D40 Nissan Frontier. Site features resources for all aspects of vehicle-dependent wilderness travels, such as equipment reviews, route planning, conservation, and a discussion forum.
Making waves in the overland field is Scotty's goal.
Function, no form
Scott is all business with these photos of Canyon de Chelly.
Chris has put together a very nice blog site. Hell of a funny guy, too.
How did this link get here? Well, since I have it, Jonathan and Roseann are fantastic folks who write books and articles about conservation and wildlife; but it doesn't end there. . .
Adventures, and write ups
Another blog-style site with some various trips.
Joshua Slocum Society
First man to sail around the world solo.
A few travel galleries
I can't believe I nearly left him off this list. My traveling buddy for third-world destinations, and uber-budget forays.
Take your pick: expedition by motorcycle or van.
Eric has put together a fantastic website in design and superb photos. I can't say enough good things about it.
Ron has a superb resource for adventure travel.
Overland travel and comfort at it's finest.
Steve's a super fine fella who just bought an 80 series Land Cruiser afer parting with his YJ. Life is a metamorphoses.
Jordan took his shiney-new 2005 Nissan Xterra, pulled out the IFS, and slapped in a Dana 60 solid axle. Who needs a pesky independent front suspension, anyway?
Seth - what a neat dude. He's the kind of guy who is more interested in doing some adventure more than bolting stuff to his truck. From Belize to Vancouver, Seth's done it. I had the pleasure of poaching the summit of Mt. Graham with him back in September 2006.
Wil's another neat dude with a Tacoma. He's recently opened up a business selling expedition vehicle gear, and his wife is due with their first baby in Summer 2007.
The quest for the greasiest taco. Brush your teeth after visiting this site.
The funniest guy I know. Period. Amiable traveler and extremely tall.

Photography Related:
Leif offers great photo tips and superb photos at this site.
If you shoot photos, you need to know about this website.
More great photos. . .
Darren's based in Colorado (can you tell?) and offers phenominal shots of his home. And drives a sweet 4Runner.
Fantastic rock climbing, sports, and travel photography. Also a Nissan Frontier owner who purchased my rear bumper.
Bill shoots sports, portraits, and commercial photography. See his galleries for examples of being at the right place with the right exposure.
The Left Stuff:
Alpha Environmentalist
Jonathan Hanson quotes Steinbeck, totes a rifle, and defends the natural world through word and deed. Oh, and he edits a hell of a nice publication called Overland Journal.
Incredible literary collection composed of tight pieces of 750 words or less.
Creative Nonfiction
Literary journal dedicated to the genre of creative nonfiction.
The Open Critic
I haven't exactly figured this one out, but I like this line: "The Open Critic aims to be a forum for the literate discussion of literary works.  It does not exist to sell books.  It is not an industry mouth organ.  It is not a venue for the converted (of whatever stripe)." The converted? Got me.
Three Martini Lunch
She says it best: "Jonathan and I are enigmatic in terms of political and ideological labels. We are Republicans, environmentalists, fiscal conservatives, hunters, hawks (on defense), supporters of gay rights as well as gun rights, and sympathetic to the hard-working poor (the dying middle class, too)."

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