Mark D Stephens: Adventurer, writer, photographer, ambassador of the sonoran desert
The Sonoran Desert
A Photo Celebration

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This page is constantly changing for me. What do I want to do with it? Well, once upon a time, on a Saturday afternoon, I loaded a backpack with my camera and a little water. Then I hopped on my bike and rode around the McDowell Mountains of north Scottsdale; out there with Cholla Mountain, Little Granite Mountain. It's a neat area, thanks to the white granite boulders, saguaros, and palo verde trees. I like that stuff.

You could say I was raised by these things. So on that day, I thought it wold be clever to shoot some photos and post 'em up for the world to celebrate with me.

The problem is that things change. A visit to the same place today will be blocked off by fences, a golf course, and real estate development equipment.

So, to hell with 'em. This page will be my constantly changing gallery of the Sonoran Desert. All we'll have left are photos and memories anyway. Our kids shall be raised by video games and fattened on frappuccinos. Yes, that's much better. Much better.

Enough of about some of the good stuff? Like Roger Clyne sings in a little wild song called Sonoran Hope and Madness:

Spread out wild and wander
And may everything you poison come back stronger.

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Mark D. Stephens: Adventurer, Writer, Photgrapher and Ambassador of the Sonoran Desert