Mark D Stephens: Adventurer, writer, photographer, ambassador of the sonoran desert
Trail 42 Jeep Trail Fun
Near Carefree and Bartlett Lake, Arizona

Top ten things Trail 42 doesn't give a crap about:
Jeep Rubicon on Trail 42 near Barlett Lake Arizona
  1. "What kinda lift you got?"
  2. "You locked front and rear?"
  3. "Real Jeeps are built, not bought..."
  4. "Oh, this is easy. I do harder stuff all the time"
  5. "It don't got rock climbing."
  6. Body damage likely
  7. Lookin' macho
  8. Actin' macho
  9. "This is Arizona, what do you need a snorkel for on your Jeep?"
  10. "H2 Recovery Vehicle" stickers

Jeep on Trail 42 Arizona, Carefree, AZ Bartlett Lake OHVNear Bartlett Lake, just beyond Carefree, Arizona, this trail is not known for any landmark or historical point; It's merely Trail 42. Among seasoned OHV trail folk, the mere utterance of Trail Fourty-two starts a series of tales about tipped vehicles, sunk trucks, and broken axles. Everyone has their day, and for many their day happens on Trail 42. My friend, Russ, collected an insurance check years ago after coming home from this trail with his brand new Dodge full of water. Get the picture?

Get your articulation shoes on, boys and girls - this is a genuine wild west trail (yee haw) with eroded dirt and gravel, Sonoran Desert pinstriping palo verde trees, rattlesnakes, Saguaros, and the Verde River. May not be suitable for stage coaches.

Trail 42 Land Rover, CareFree, ArizonaTo the right we have a gallery of pictures of a Land Rover Discovery, a Jeep Rubicon, and my Jeep X on Trail 42. The sun was going down, which provided superb light for some nice shots. ENJOY!

Trail info:

I've received email notice that this trail is shut down. It endured severe damage during some wildfires, and the forest service - to date - doesn't intend on fixing the trail.

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Mark D. Stephens: Adventurer, Writer, Photgrapher and Ambassador of the Sonoran Desert